June 14, 2019

I don’t know how to buy a kitchen faucet. Four steps!

When the kitchen is decorated, many people are very interested in such big things as lampblack machine, stove, sink and so on. They don’t care about such small things as faucets. In fact, small things are also very important to your kitchen life experience. Just recently, my family is decorating, and I have studied the faucet for a long time. Some of my experiences and experiences are shared for your reference.
When choosing the kitchen faucet, I think more about the question: Can it use long term? Will it pollute the water quality? Is it inconvenient to use? To solve these problems, we must first understand the faucet structure.
The overall structure of the faucet is divided into cartridge , main body and surface. The cartridge is the part that controls the flow of water in and out, the heart of the faucet, whether it can use it long term depends on here; the main body is the main component of the faucet, most of the water pollution is the poor material of this part; the coating is the surface material of the faucet, that is, the skin of the faucet, which is the faucet’s face value.
Can it use it long time?
The faucet is turned on and off every day. We can’t remember how many times it is switched on and off in a day. So the first question we consider when buying is whether it can be used for a long time. When switching, the active part of the faucet is in the cartridge, so if you want it to use longer, it depends on the quality of the cartridge.
The quality of the cartridge can be judged by whether it can withstand long-term drip-free testing, which is aimed at the life test of the cartridge . It is clearly stipulated in the national water tap test standard that the no-drip leakage test of switches should not be less than 200,000 times. In addition to judging the quality from this test index, it can also be sensory evaluation. Turning the handle up, down, left and right, light and without hindrance, it shows that the quality is good.
At present, ceramic cartridge is the most suitable material for home use. It is also widely used by many faucet manufacturers. Its value for money is the highest, because it is easy to obtain materials, wear-resistant, cold and hot temperatures can be adapted for a long time. Although the impurities in the water may cause damage to the ceramic cartridge, But the quality of tap water used by residents is better. and this factor can be ignored basically.
Material selection: Ceramic cartridge, cost-effective.
Quality evaluation: No drip leakage test of switch requires no less than 200,000 times of switch number.

Sensory evaluation: Up, down, left and right rotation of the handle, light, unhindered feeling.

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