April 27, 2019

A Few Quick Tips to Help You Know the Faucet Surface

In order to meet people’s needs, there are a lot of faucets on the market. And match different home styles, faucets are more and more rich in color, luster, texture and texture. Today, I will introduce the surface treatment technology of the faucet for your reference.Common faucet surface treatment processes are chrome plating, PVD, paint, wire Brush, ORB, etc. They have their own characteristics, It can bring different feelings to our bathroom embellishment.

1. Chrome plating

Chrome faucet

The most common method of faucet processing on the market is Chrome, which is a silver-white metal with a slightly blue luster. Chrome also has a strong passivation ability, and is not easy to change in wet environment, and can maintain the surface luster for a long time. The appearance of precious metals is very decorative, so chrome-plated faucets are currently more popular with consumers.


PVD faucet

PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) is an advanced surface treatment technology widely used in the world. Under vacuum conditions, gas or evaporated substances are partially ionized by gas discharge, and evaporated substances or their reactants are deposited on substrates while gas ions or evaporated substances are bombarded by ions.

PVD has rich colors, gorgeous and elegant, excellent anti-harsh environment, easy to clean and non-fading performance, which makes it popular with consumers.

3.Baking paint-Black

Primer and topcoat are applied on the base of the faucet. Every time the paint is applied, it is sent to the dustless constant temperature baking room for electric heating or far infrared high temperature baking to solidify the paint layer. The surface of the paint faucet is smooth and glossy. It can present a piano-like visual texture and make the whole product look very high-grade.

4.Bruch Nickel

bath basin faucet

Brush nickel treatment brings metal texture to the faucet, which can be made into texture on its surface under the external force according to the decorative needs of the faucet. Brush nickel treatment can be divided into stainless steel Brush nickel, brush nickel and so on. This treatment makes the visual effect of the faucet rough, while the hand feel is very delicate, showing a restrained aesthetic feeling.


ORB faucet

ORB process is to oxidize and dye copper or black on the surface of copper or copper plating. It can be followed by Brush or polishing, and finally spraying oil. Unlike bronze, ORB is black and coffee color, and the edges and corners are drawn with red lines. The products processed by ORB will show a delicate feel, giving them a low-key and deep connotation color, with a strong retro flavor.

In summary, the faucet surface treatment technology has many kinds, take appropriate surface treatment, can make the faucet overall modeling level rich and full, therefore, choose the right faucet can also play a finishing touch for the bathroom collocation, so that each opening is pleasant.

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